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The feratel information and reservation system Deskline ģ enables tourism organisations to meet the modern demands of correspondingly active and networked destination management. It is the basis for the efficient organisation of daily work in the tourism association and the economical marketing of tourism offers.


Flexible system architecture
Deskline integrates efficient databank mechanisms with current programme technologies and Internet functionalities. The strengths of the system especially result from the modular construction, which also enables a gradual introduction and flexible system architecture. The service spectrum extends from the economic single placement option for smaller tourism organisations to completely networked provincial government solutions. In order to keep the expenses for hardware, software and maintenance as low as possible, we also offer an ASP solution (Application Service Provider). In this case the individual clients fall back directly on the databank se rver in our computer centre.

Future-oriented Internet philosophy
feratel isnít offering your own Internet portal. We depend on your brands and integrate our Internet applications (e.g.: accommodation listings/proprietor descriptions, search/booking functions, on-line brochure ordering, events calendar, info topics, ...) into your existing Internet pages, whose look and feel you determine yourself. In addition, we offer you sound cooperation with large Internet portals such as , .